A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Be the wind.

A non-violent game made in 48 hours, winner of Best Game for #familiargamejam6

The theme for this edition was "No characters"; thus, the game portrays no sentient beings.

The game runs windowed (by default in a 800x500 resolution) and is played with the cursor keys by default (you can customize your controls from the main menu). Use the up-down cursors and space/enter to navigate the main menu. Use the escape key to go back to the main menu or exit the game.

Linux and Windows builds are provided. Windows builds may crash or be unstable on virtual machines but have been successfully executed on real installations. Feel free to contact if you have problems running it.

Entirely done in C++/ SDL2, code available at https://github.com/TheMarlboroMan/go-fgj6

Have fun!

Install instructions

Linux users: this is an AppImage, which is great for distributing games.  All you have to do is to download this file, make it executable and run it. Upon running, a .go-fgj6 directory will be created on your home directory to store your preferences. Learn more about AppImages at https://appimage.org/

Windows users: unzip and execute the only executable in the folder.


go-fgj6-win.zip 13 MB
Go-x86_64.AppImage 7 MB

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